Hair Myth #7

Myth 7: It’s Better To Air-Dry Your Hair Than To Blow-Dry It

Truth: Actually, both air-dry and blow-dry can be harmful. It is not recommended to blow dry your hair as it may cause damage to the hair surface. Similarly, air-drying can cause damage to the strands. Exposure to strong wind or direct sunlight can also harm your hair.

You will also be surprised to know that exposing your hair to water for extended periods can damage your hair more than blow-drying or styling it using heat treatments. Due to water absorption, hair swells up and puts pressure on the proteins that keep your hair intact.

Note :

For minimal damage, use the lowest heat setting on your blow dryer. Hold it at least six inches away from your hair. You also need to move the dryer continuously so that your hair doesn't get concentrated heat on any one spot for too long.